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Untangling Hillary's Web of Corruption and Lies: Hillary Clinton’s private, unsecured email server is reported to have been set up the week before she was confirmed by the Senate to be Secretary of State. Within weeks, she was using it to conduct government business.

Follow the whole sordid story - Hillary's private server, the emails from President Obama to her private address, the immunity granted to Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, and the use of the Justice Department for political purposes that destroyed the integrity and authority of the FBI.

What else you'll find in this issue of the RJC Bulletin:

Obama's Legacy
Hillary Clinton supports and defends the agenda of the Obama administration of which she was a part, and it is clear from her own policy statements in this campaign that she wants to continue most of that agenda. That will lock in Pres. Obama’s “legacy” for years to come. Just what is the meaning of that legacy? 

What Happens If the Senate Changes Hands
The next president will appoint at least one and perhaps as many as four Supreme Court justices. And if Democrats win control of the Senate, we will see Bernie Sanders at the helm of the Budget Committee.

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